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I purchased this 1966 Karmann Ghia from my friend Blair Haines. I decided to restore a 1966 because it would not have to pass
through emissions. In Arizona vehicles 1966 and older are exempt. Photo 1 is the day I found the car in Blair's backyard. Photo 2
shows that the car is missing all the door panels, the dash and the dash instruments. Photo 3 is the view under the hood area. Looks
good, huh? Someone had added a speaker hole, which I will fill.  In photo 4, you can see that it is missing the engine. Here it is about
to come home in photo 5. Photos 6 & 7 were taken 6 years later. It had been stored in a container at my office. In photo 8 you can
see that it needs some upholstery changes. The body on it is nice and straight as can be seen in photos 9 & 10 9.

My plans are to build a duplicate of the
'67 Karmann Ghia. The engine has been built and is ready to go. The transmission is done.
The front beam and assembly have been restored. Identical wheels like those on the '67 will be used. This deja vu project should
start in March 2009  and I can assure everyone that this one will be better than the original.
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I found this 1959 Toyopet on Ebay in February of 2005. It had been sitting in a farm field in Iona, California since 1976. This was a
rare find, as just 256 of this model were produced to be exported to America. I stepped in just in time because this car was on its way
to the crusher. I paid $375 for it. It took us (my friend George and I) three hours to move the car 300 feet from the field to my trailer.
Hornets had taken up residence in the car and they were not happy we had disturbed them. Photo 2 shows the dash board with the
original components. In photo 3 the floorboard can be seen through the steering wheel with a slight amount of rust. The only damage
to the car was to the right rear fender, which happened when they were pushing it into the field (photo 4). The brakes had locked up.
You can see the engine compartment in photos 5 & 6. Photo 7 gives a view of the back seat with all original upholstery. The original
steering wheel with a broken horn ring can be seen in photo 8. My plans for this car is to hopefully restore it, or use some of the
components to restore the 1963 Toyopet. No decision has been made yet.
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I found this 1963 Toyopet east of Redding, California. It was in a barn at a farm. 1963 was the last year for this body style. In photos
1-3 it  can be seen with the front end jacked up in the air. The front bumper is missing, the turn signal lenses are missing and some of
the body side moulding is missing. As you can see in photo 4 the car will need a good bath from a few years of dust collecting on it.
These are not the original hub caps for this car (photo 5). They are for a 1967 Toyota Corona. The car was loaded on Sept 12, 2005
(photo 6) from the barn and was on its way to Phoenix. Here it is sitting in my driveway (photos 7 & 8). These pictures were taken
after working every night  for three weeks preparing it for an all Toyota car show in Long Beach. They were taken on May 12, 2006
and as you can see from these pictures the car received parts from the 1959. Here I am (photo 9) talking to Rick Zavalas who came
down to check out the show and next to us is the car in its full glory. The car received 3rd place in the Most Original Toyota
category. It also received an award for the oldest Toyota at the show. There were 300 cars at the show. Future plans are to remove
the engine and transmission and to rebuild them prior to October 2007, which will be the 50 year anniversary for Toyota in America.
I was asked to have the car in somewhat running condition to display at the corporate office in Torrance, California for this special
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Photos 1-3 shows my 1959 NSU Prinz, a  2-cylinder air cooled German car. Photos 4-7 shows most of interior. It was removed and
put into boxes. The little boy in photo 8 is the son of the previous owner, Randy Carlston of Old Bugs. The floor board was cut out
and removed as can be seen in photos 9 & 10. We are planning to build a tube chassis to receive all VW running gear (engine,
transmission, and a front end) and you can see this in photos 11-17. In photos 18 & 19 the VW front beam will be used for this
application and will have to be drastically altered to fit under the fender well area. At this point (photos 20-23) we are mocking up the
engine location in relationship to the transmission axles and the wheel well centering. The future plan is to put a 2000 cc engine with
12" wheels in the front with a 5 lug VW center to be welded onto a 12" rim with a moon chrome cover. The rear wheels will feature
14 x 6 VW Thing rims with chrome moon covers. I hope to display it at the VW Classic, although which one remains to be seen.
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(Click on the cars to see a larger view.)
This 1958 Toyopet was part of the deal when I purchased the white 1958 Toyopet. This car is the original '58 that Toyota had
purchased to restore. When it was determined that the restoration would be quite extensive, they located another one to restore.
Doug Warnekee contacted Phil and told him the car was available if he wanted to come pick it up. He did and that is how the car
came to be in his possession.

The car will be restored but as of now there is no time table for it. Perhaps I will start on this one after the '32 and the Ghia are