The Original Shrine
You enter the Shrine through this door. I thought it would be fun to have my friends sign it. Dean Lowry was the first one to sign it.
Dyno Don, Rich Kimball, Dean Kirsten, Clyde Berg and R.K. Smith, among others, have all signed it. Looking at all the signatures
brings back good memories.
You can see some Bug-In posters on the wall and just above them is my Bug-In hat collection. The three large pictures on the bottom
are of my 1952 restoration. Below the Bug-In 22 poster is a picture of Big Daddy Don Garlitz's dragster. You can see the hood that I
displayed with my 1967 Karmann Ghia. In the photo on the right is some of my Dean Lowry collection. Some of these items were
given to me by Dean and his wife Peggy and some I had collected. Some of the items you can see there are Dean's tennis shoes, his
sweat band, and some of the high performance items that he had manufactured. I also have the tach that was mounted on the dash of
his oval-window race car. You can see a picture of his car above my helmet. The helmet was given to me and painted by Bob Lilligard.
He painted it the same color as the '67 Ghia. He gave it to me just in case I ever decided to take a pass down the race track in the
Ghia. To his surprise, I did this at a Sacramento Bug O Rama in 1979.
Here you can see some of my awards I have  received over the years from the Bug-In, Drag Day, Chirco, Karl's, World of Wheels,
Anaheim Convention Center,  Phoenix Bug O Rama,  Sacramento Bug O Rama and other shows. There are over 100 trophies and
In the middle you see the engine for my 1954 Cal Looker and the engine for my 1952 split window Beetle. There is the banner for
DVB, a club I was involved with in the 1970's. The jacket is my DVB club jacket  
I found many of these items in the trash at the Bug-Ins. Before I left I would open the racer and car show packets that had been
discarded. I knew that someday they would be considered collector's items. The HOST arm bands were for the host club. If you had
one of these on you had access to anywhere on the track, including the tower. The car passes were in the packet that was given out
when you entered your car in the show or if you raced. They were to be displayed on the windshield for the judges to see. You can
see some of the Bug-In programs I collected.
Here I have a Bug -In 31soft drink holder. I have a lot of stickers in my collection, including those from the early Drag Days. I have
some T-shirts from Carlsbad, California which was the sight of the early Drag Days. The DVB club was involved with the early Drag
Days. I have the most popular issue of Hot VWs, which is February 1975. Car passes were issued to cars which were entered in the
show. I found the original Empi shift knobs at a swap meet. In the photo on you can see an early VVWCA hood badge. This is one
from the 1970's when the club first formed.
You can see business cards from various VW clubs. I have the first VW Trends magazine. When VW Trends was beginning, they
came to a DVB club meeting and asked if we could help them name the magazine. A girl in the club came up with the name VW
Trends and that is what they used. She received a free lifetime subscription to the magazine. In the middle photo you can see some  
Drag Day T-shirts. The original Auto Haus stickers were part of the Bug-In racers packets. I have many Bug-In pins and dash plaques
and these are all on display.
Here is another view of the club business cards, and early Drag Day and Bug-In pins. You can see the window stickers of DKP as
well as some pins from the VW Classic. The glass mugs were available at Bug-Ins 25-31.
Here is the 1952 Standard split window in his glory resting in the Shrine. On the stand in the photo on the right you can see the
transmission for my next Ghia project. Below that is the V12 Lincoln engine for my 1932 Hot Rod. As you can see the car looks a bit
crowded in there and I am quickly running out of space. Not to worry, because soon the Split will be in its new home, which will be
in our living room. I guess we will have to call that the Shrine #3.