Race Cars
Steve Tims racing the "Mean Machine" at the
Bug In. Race director is John Preston (tan
shirt). Gene Berg (blue shirt) is behind the Ghia.
Steve Tims staging at the lights.
Steve Tims leaving hard off line with the
wheels off the ground.
Steve Tims staging with the "Mean
Machine" against "Lil' Brat".
Steve Tims in the right lane.
Steve Tims winning his round.
Dennis George was the driver of the towing
vehicle. Steve Simmons in the rear of the truck
and Steve Tims' wife is ridding on the passenger
side. Steve Tims first race car was the Goofy
Grape. This was Steve's 1967 daily driver
before he converted it to a race car.
Dennis George can be seen sitting on the
tail gate of the truck.
Steve Tims the "Goofy Grape" was
chopped by Bill Hines, a famous custom car
Gary Berg lined up with  the
"Jumbo Shrimp".
Gary Berg leaving hard off the line.
"California Sting", owned by Mark and
Marcia Tremblay.
Mark Tremblay at Jack Murphy stadium in
San Diego 1/8 mile drags.
The "Mouse Trap" in Lakewood, California.
"Mouse Trap", owned by Howard Muse.
Interior of the "Mouse Trap".
Steve Angelo, member of DVB , racing his
1966 Beetle at a Bug-In.
A race car going down the track at a Bug-In.
"Funky Weekend" race car at a Bug-In. Owner
is a member of  Volks Chancellor VW club.
Rick Stansfield at a Bug-In.
Pete Farnsworth racing at Jack Murphy  
stadium in San Diego
Clyde Berg's race car.
Two Beetles going down the track.
"Heads Up",  owned by Lonney Reid, racing
his Buggy at Jack Murphy stadium.
"Going Bananas " going against another
Chuck McCain, member of  DVB, racing his
1957 Beetle at Jack Murphy stadium.
Rich Cowles, member of DVB, racing his
1967 Beetle.
Lloyd Mosher in his Porsche speedster.
Rich Cowles at the wheel and Clyde Berg
assisting him.
Blair Ashley pushing his car to the pit area.
"Craig's Toy" doing a burn out in the box.
"King Cobra" resting in the showroom at
Don Ross VW in South Gate, California.
" The Lizard" from Howard Muse of
Bellflower California.
"Jumbo Shrimp" from the Keep on Bugging club.
"Going Bananas" staging on the right lane.
"Baby Huey" and Lee Leighton from
Riverside California.
John Fawley cleaning the staging line and Gene
Berg making sure that it is safe before starting up.
Bob Mc Clure at his best in his turbo powered Beetle.
Bob McClure staging.
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The " California Sting".
The "Mad Pineapple" at a Bug-In.  Art
Zeffel owner, and member of DVB.
Dan McGrath racing his"Going Bananas"
race car at Jack Murphy stadium.
"Turbo Bob" Bob Mc Clure at a Bug-In racing
his 1955 Beetle and running in the 9 seconds.