About Us
This website is a collaboration between us,  Frenchy and Judy Dehoux.  Frenchy has been asked many times over the years if he has a
website and at long last, here it is. He provided the information and I put everything in. The design is very basic and you won't find
anything fancy here, but you will find out everything you have ever wanted to know about Frenchy. He is a walking, talking
encyclopedia of 30 years of Volkswagen facts and stories.

We currently reside in Tempe, Arizona and have been here since 1994. We met in April of 1979 when I took my 1968 light blue Beetle
to a repair shop around the corner from my apartment. The shop was Les Purnell's VW Repair Shop in Artesia, California. I was sitting
in the office chatting with Hazel Purnell. I saw someone approaching the doorway and she said, "Judy, have you met our new mechanic
Frenchy?" We looked at each other and we both knew that we had met "the one". We started dating (with a little help from Hazel) and a
year later we were married. We have been married for 25+ years and have raised three children. Our son Marc likes tinkering with cars
just like his Dad and he is restoring a 1984 Toyota Cressida. Dad gives it his stamp of approval and says Marc is doing an excellent job.
Like father, like son. One of our daughters works at a local department store and the other one is a full time student at Mesa
Community College. Frenchy is employed by Toyota and is looking forward to retiring within the next 10 years. At that time, he wants
to build engines and do full VW restorations. We recently had our first grandchild, a beautiful little girl named Jacqueline Starr. All of
our children rode home from the hospital in our Squareback and Marc's girlfriend, Tanya, also rode home from the hospital in a Beetle.
They wanted to continue the tradition with their daughter, so on September 25, 2006, Jacqueline rode home from the hospital in
Grandpa's 1964 Beetle.

It's true that Frenchy lives and breathes Volkswagens, but did you know that he is also an avid baseball fan? This is our other passion
and we love our Arizona Diamondbacks. We follow them from the first pitch of Spring Training through the last out of the season. We
go to as many home games as we can and watch the other games on TV.

We enjoy being part of the Volkswagen community. We have met the nicest people because of it and have many wonderful memories
associated with VWs.  We hope you enjoy browsing this site and we welcome your comments and feedback.