1967 Volkswagen Beetle
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I bought the car from a junkyard in Phoenix, Blair & Sons, in January of 1995. Photo 1 is the day I brought it home. It had been stolen
and repossessed. It had never been registered and all I was given was a salvage receipt. Photos 2-10 shows it in various stages of being
prepared for body work. You can see Marc sitting in the car in photo 9, perhaps dreaming of the day he would be able to drive it.  Photo
11 shows the car about to be transported to Dave Schweinhagan for body and paint. He had quoted me a price of $1000 for the work.
You can see some of Dave's work in photos 12 and 13. Once Dave was done with the body work, the car was sprayed with primer
(photos 14 & 15). After that, the car was painted in his front yard (photos 14 & 15). Good thing it wasn't windy that day! Photo 18 is the
day Dave brought it back to me, which happened to be on my birthday, December 13, 1995. Dave had the car for 10 months and did a
beautiful job with the paint and body.
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Photos 19-22 shows the car in various stages of being put back together. It was at this stage that the transmission and the front end was
reinstalled. In photos 23-25 you can see the engine I built for it. It is a 1755 cc with Scat valve covers, 48 IDA Webers, a Gene Berg
linkage, a 0.10 distributor, a full flow oil system, tall Skat Trak intake manifold and a Scat deep oil sump. In photo 25, you can see the
engine just before it was removed from the stand and installed in the car. Photo 26 gives a view of the car after it was put back together
and the engine installed in the car. Now that it was done, it was time to enter it in shows. Photos 27 & 28 were taken at the World of
Wheels in 1997. I won 2nd place in the Volkswagen class. Photo 29 was taken at the Karl's Custom Show, where I won 1st place in the
Cal Look class. Altogether, the car won 19 awards in 1996-2002. It was featured in
Hot VWs, Super VWs, VolksWorld and VW Trends.
It has been featured in three of
Keith Seume's books.

As much fun as I had with this car, in 2004 I decided it was time to sell it. I had my eye on building a
1932 Ford Hot Rod, some of the
money from the '67 would be for this and other projects I had in mind. I sold it to Dennis McMahon in June 2004. He lives in Reno,
Nevada.  When Dennis was 12 years old, he saw my
'67 Ghia at a Bug-In and he decided at that time he would one day own a Cal
Looker. Now, many years later, his dream came true. He was thrilled to own the '67, but decided he would like a bigger motor and a
more powerful transmission. In October 2005, I went back to Reno, picked up the '67 and brought it back to Phoenix to begin the
process of building a bigger motor and transmission for it. Once it was completed and installed back into the car, Dennis was very
pleased and enjoys driving the '67 around the streets of Reno.
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