I bought this 1961 Opal in March 1970, just before graduating from high school.  I gave it a $29.99 paint job by Earl Schieb. I had them
put the racing stripe on and my Dad didn't like it on there. Shortly after I graduated from high school, my parents moved to
Bakersfield, California. I drove the Opal all the way to Bakersfield with a friend who had a 1968 Beetle. He followed me there and we
made it just fine. My Dad was upset and told me to leave the car in Bakersfield.  I did and drove back to South Gate, California with
my friend. A month later, I went into the service. My parents later moved back to South Gate and left  the car in Bakersfield with a
neighbor. Two years later I went back and the car started right up. I drove it back to South Gate and while driving, the muffler fell off
and it was noisy, but I still managed.  A few months later, I sold it for $500.
I bought this 1960 Corvair from an 80-year-old woman. It was a 4-door automatic. I bought it for $100 and she was broken-hearted
about having to sell it.  Her kids had decided that it just wasn't safe for her to be out driving anymore. I drove that car for a long time
and it was a very comfortable car to drive. I  ended up giving it away to someone who didn't have any transportation.
I bought this 1961 Fiat 600 (without an engine) from Bob Daigle in 1975. I adapted a VW engine and transmission to the car. That was a
popular thing to do at the time. That car was fast! I had put in a 1641 engine with a 0.10 distributor and a pair of Kadron carburetors. I
was working for Steve Tims and drove it back and forth to work. I had it for a few years and then one day while it was parked in front
of the house, a neighbor backed into it with his big Dodge Duster. There was extensive damage to the front end. Everyone loved that
car. I got a lot of "thumbs-up" when I drove it.  You can see my DVB stickers on the window. It was the big thing in those days to find
another car and make it VW powered.         
This is my 1973 Dodge Charger SE. It rode like a Cadillac. This photo was taken on the grass at South Coast Plaza. I bought it to tow
the Ghia and I paid  $2000 for it. It had an all leather interior, a 440 engine and a dual exhaust. That car had power. We used to cruise
Van Nuys and Hollywood Boulevard in it. I sold it for just $1500 and I saw one just like it sell at a recent  Barrett Jackson auction for
This is a 1965 Pontiac Catalina that I bought from my sister for $600 in 1988. She bought it for my Mom, but she didn't want it, so my
sister offered to me for $600. The paint on it is original. I had the bumper rechromed, put on a dual exhaust, and new tires and seats.  
It was my daily driver until I sold it for $2000.        
I found this 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix in Whittier, California and I bought it from the original owner. She lived a few blocks from me
and I could see the car through her fence. I asked her if she wanted to sell it and she said yes, that I could have it for $500. I brought a
battery and some fuel over. That baby started right up and I drove it home. I pulled the bumpers off and had them rechromed and the
molding polished. There was a big dent in the rear quarter panel on the drivers side. I took it to a friend, Mike Doyle, who taught auto
shop at a local high school. The students worked on it and finished it just before we moved to Arizona in 1994. I had them cut the
springs and lower  it. I sold it to a guy who was in the Pontiac club. I still see it at Pavillions. He kept it peach and nicknamed it
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