Hot VWs, February 1974
I had attended Bug-Ins before, and always helped out in the car show area. However, this was my first time entering a car in the
  show. Shaky Jake, whom I had looked up to and admired for many years, judged my car. Pinstriping was very popular at this   
time and as you can see, this car had it in abundance. Shaky said to me, "There's great detail in this engine. If you continue
putting this much detail into your cars, you will have many show winners. You'll build some nice cars if you keep going this
way."   To me, this was quite a compliment as I considered Shaky to be "The Man". I was fortunate to win 1st place in the
Street Sedan class. You will notice that they did not include a picture of my car in this article. Instead, they have a picture of
the second place winner in the Street Sedan class, Jim Holmes. Jim's 1963 Sunroof sedan was featured on the cover of
VWs, February 1975. This is the first California Look cover and depicted a police officer measuring the distance between the
road and the center of the headlights. This also is the most popular and well known Hot VWs cover.

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