Hot VWs, February 2002
Dean Kirsten called and told me that Hot VWs wanted to do a feature on the '54 Oval. I told him to come on over. The car was shot in Tempe,
Arizona nearby CE. Dean calls me "The King of Old School" and says that I live, eat and breathe Volkswagens. Yeah, that sure is true. I basically
built the car to look like an original Cal Look, like those from the 1970's. I put in plaid seats, a Weber motor, polished Center Line wheels and
other features typical of a Cal Looker. I bought the car from a friend of Rich Kimball's  for $2250. He bought it back in the 1970's intending to
turn it  into a Cal Looker, but he didn't and the car had been sitting in his yard since then. I guess this car was  destined to be a Cal Looker.


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