Hot VWs, December 1975
I had attended the Orange County Bug-Ins and wanted to go to the Northwest Bug-In IV in Kent, Washington to compare the two. I was still in  the
Coast Guard and also working part time for Steve Tims at The Royal Bug-ee Haus in Bell, California. My plan was to drive my '56 oval Beetle up
there. The Wednesday before the show I decided to rebuild my engine. I wanted to put in a 1641 cc. After working on it all night, the engine was
done on Thursday afternoon. The engine had 40P11 Solex carburetors, which came from a 912 Porsche. I left from South Gate, California at 4 a.m.
Friday morning. I drove for 22 hours up to Portland. I stopped there for the night and slept in my car. The next morning, I  continued on to Kent and
arrived Saturday night and headed straight over to the track. I was the first one at the gate. This was going to be a great show! Then, to my
embarrassment, my car wouldn't start as it had developed vapor lock. After some tinkering, I was finally able to drive in, but instead of being the first
one in I was the 100th to go in. Oh well, at least I was here. At this time I was a member of the DRA club but none of my fellow members were
there with me. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a friend from Orange County there, Don Musselwhite. We parked our cars next to each other.
Remember, this was in 1975 and the California Look was just becoming popular. Our cars were Cal Look all the way and we were amused by the
comments we overheard from spectators. The most common one was, why were the cars so low in front?  Ours were the only lowered cars there.
They were also wondering why we had "Jeep mufflers" on our cars and asked why we had two of them on the car. I explained they these were quiet
mufflers.  At the end of the day, I won 1st place in the Street Sedan category. The next day, Monday, Don and I drove home down Coast Highway
101. It took us two days to get home. In all, I drove 1200 miles that weekend. What a fun trip that was.    


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My Northwest Bug-In t-shirt.