Hot VWs, June 1979
This article was photographed at Knott's Berry Farm. I remember that R.K. had to get special permission to do the shoot and it wasn't easy to obtain,
but somehow he managed to pull it off. Must have been his charm, I guess. They let us go in at 8 a.m. and we had an hour before they opened to shoot
the photos. Hot VWs wanted to do a feature on yellow Karmann Ghia's. I made the comment that they should call the article, "Street, Show and Go",
because the article featured a street car, a show car and a race car. All three of the cars had 48 IDA Webers and we all had a lot of fun that day.
Originally I had been told  that my Ghia would be on the cover. In the end, they chose the red Ghia because T- tops were the big thing at the time. My
friends in DVB said I looked like Linc from "The Mod Squad" with Tom Jones polyester pants. Like the T-Top, Afros and polyester
pants were the big thing at the time. I'm glad those fads didn't last!


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