Hot VWs, July 1978
I was a member of DVB and we decided to put on a club display at Bug-In 20. DKP also had a display  there. These two clubs
were prime examples of early Cal Look VWs. If you scroll down and look at the picture with the Ghia, in front of the display there
are photos of all our club members. In the background, you can see all the trophies our club had won. The Ghia was part of the car
show and was judged. Unfortunately, I lost to Roger Grago as he took 1st place for his Ghia. Some of the DKP members, of which
Roger was a member, came up to me and commented that the Ghia would look better with 14" Porsche alloys on it. I told them I
would pursue it for the next Bug-In.

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