Hot VWs, January 1979
This was the second Bug-In for the Ghia. At Bug-In 20, I was just nosed out by Roger Grago and was hoping for a better result this
time around. I had taken the advice given to me at that Bug-In and put 14" Porsche Alloys on the car. I was lucky to have them as it
was quite an adventure acquiring them. I asked Bob Lilligard to help me locate a set. He came through and I purchased them for
$500. I took them to the polisher and when I went to pick them up I was told they had been stolen! The shop reimbursed me the
money, but now I had to search for another set. I found some in an Auto Trader and I took them back to the same shop and this time
they were there when I went to pick them up. I took them home and  detailed them around the spoke area and installed them on the
car. They did look sharp and set the car apart. I was helping once again with the car show, but did overhear some comments from
people as they looked at the Ghia. They were oohing and aahing and made many comments about how cool the car looked. Well, I
did it and won Best of Show and 1st place in the Ghia class. I also received a $100 check and I still have the stub from it. The Ghia
also won the title "America's Most Beautiful Volkswagen", which was quite an honor. DVB once again had a very nice display of the
members cars and we took home the "Most Represented Club" award. A good day all around.

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