1954 Oval Window Beetle
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In photo 55 you can see the valve cover breather, which was polished with anodized fittings. In photo 56, the Loopers fuel pressure
regulator and liquid filled gauge with fuel braided lines can be seen. Photo 57 shows all the proper lines installed and mounted on
the back firewall. Photos 58-63 shows the 1835 cc engine with 48 IDA Webers with a tall Skat Trak manifold, which was ported and
polished to match the Dean Lowry heads, a full flow system with a 0.10 distributor and a Gene Berg linkage. Shortly after this, the
engine was put on the Dyno for a 2-hour breaking period. The engine is installed (photo 64).(65 ) You can see the '54 original
taillight housing with a reproduction heart at the top and an original glass lens at the bottom. Photo 66 shows a FAT Performance
rear original T bar from the 1970's. In photos 67 & 68 the car is waiting for the running board installation. You can see the
completed car in photos 69-71. In photo 72 you can see the car on display at the VW Classic. It was representing the Der Renn
Kafer Cup. I was also interviewed by Dan from Ocean Street Video while I was there
I sold the car in September 2002 to a friend who lives in Hawaii and I used the money from it to start the
'32 Ford project.
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In photos 37-39 you can see the detail under the hood. Those are original FAT Performance T bars from the '70's in photo 40. Photo
41 gives you a view of the front hood with Zolotone. In photo 42 you can see a brand new set of  a VW headlights assembly,
including Porsche 911 headlight lenses. In photo 43 the front hood handle that was rechromed with a T bar seal can be seen and the
fender beading can be seen as well. Photo 44 shows the rechromed wiper arms and wiper arm base. Photo 45 shows a different view
of the hood detail. Looking at photo 46, a  future project is waiting under the cover. In photo 47, I am waiting for the door panels to be
installed. Photo 48 shows the Gene Berg shifter I installed, as well as the Nardi steering wheel. You can see the installed speaker grill
in photo 49. See that Cal Look rubber in photo 50? It took me over eight hours to install it and also the one-piece windows. You can
see the installed door panels as depicted from the driver and passenger seats in photos 51, 52 & 53. Plaid interior was used to recreate
a look that was popular in the 1970's. Zolotone paint was also used under the rear engine lid and you can see that in photo 54.
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In photo 19 you can see some of the instruments after they were reinstalled. Photos 20 & 21 gives a view of the pedal assembly, the
emergency brake handle and the rubber mats that had been installed. Photo 22 shows the area under the front hood, where I applied
four coats of Zolotone paint. This was the way we did it back in the 1970's, and it is the proper way to detail a Cal Looker. Photo 23
depicts undercoating being applied in the front and rear fender area. You can see the polished Center Line wheels that were installed
in photo 24.  Zolotone was used in the rear engine bay and this can be seen in photo 25. In photos 26 & 27 you can see the detailing
of Zolotone under the front hood area. The glove box was installed and some of the switches were installed, as can be seen in photo
28. Photo 29 gives a view of the gas tank which had been powder coated and the aluminium cap (also polished) with the gas tank
brackets chromed. Photo 30 shows the speedometer cable, the ignition switch and the wiper assembly installed. Photos 31 & 32 shows
the chrome hood latch with the master cylinder reservoir and two inspection plates with the covers installed and powder coated.
Photos 33 & 34 depicts the rear engine lid and shows the rear fenders installed. In photos 35 & 36, you can see the car waiting for the
underside of the front fenders to be undercoated and then installed.
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Buddy Hale of Phoenix did the body work and paint on this car. This was just his second VW project. The above photos show the
process, where I think you can see Buddy at his best. In photo 6 you can see where Buddy painted the  inside of the car. In photos
7-12 he applied six coats of sealing wax red and four coats of clear. Photos 13-17 shows the car pushed outside the spray booth to
"bake" in the sun for a few hours. Here it is in photo 18 reinstalled on the chassis. I was very pleased with the top-notch job Buddy
did. He is truly a master at what he does, one of the best.
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