Frenchy's Rides
This is a website about Frenchy Dehoux. If you are involved in the Volkswagen hobby, his name is one you instantly
recognize. He has been a part of the Volkswagen community for 35 years and his attention to detail when restoring a car is
unparalleled. He has been called Dr. Detail and this is a nickname he has earned repeatedly over the years. Frenchy's interest
in Volkswagens goes back to when he was a mere lad of 14. He remembers riding in his aunt's 1964 Beetle, clutching onto
the handle and thinking "Wow, what a cool car. One of these days, I am going to have one of these". He stayed true to his
word, but instead of just owning one he has owned several over the years. The first one he acquired was a 1969 Beetle. He
set about restoring it, entered it in the car show at Bug-In 12 and won a First Place award. From then until now, he has
restored many Volkswagens to show quality. They have won dozens of awards and have appeared in many magazines and
some books. They have been looked at and enjoyed by people the world over. You can be sure that when one of his projects
reached completion, it was much anticipated and appreciated by fans of the hobby. As you browse this website, you can see
his past and present vehicles and get a glimpse into future projects. His Bug-In collection is well-known and he turned a
stall in our garage into a home for this collection, and his 1952 split window Beetle as well. In our house, we refer to this
affectionately as "The Shrine". We turned one of our bedrooms into a room to house his vast magazine, book and toy
collections, and this has been dubbed "The Shrine, #2". Have fun browsing these areas. Below are photos of all the cars he
has owned over the years, click on any of them to go to the page featuring it. If you would like to see a listing of all the
pages in this website please go to the index. We have lots of links scattered around and many of these will take you to other
Volkswagen websites. These are all listed on the links page as well.  Be sure and read the interview. Frenchy has some great
stories about the early days of the hobby and the beginning of the popular Cal Look. If you attended the Bug-In, you just
may see yourself or your car in the photos or in one of the magazine articles. We welcome your comments or thoughts on
this website, or about Frenchy in general. Enjoy....